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About Christian Recovery

Are you looking for answers to various questions about Christian recovery? If you’re trying to figure out if Christian recovery is the right choice for you or someone you love who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, Christian can help you find the support and answers you are looking for. Christian recovery encompasses the core set of values and morals that surround the faith in God and the Bible as well as in Christianity as a whole. Each of the teachings and values of the Bible are utilized in the recovery and treatment process at Christian rehab centers and treatment centers throughout the country.

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Christian Recovery Values

Every Christian recovery program has a core set of values and beliefs that it abides by. These may include having a commitment to providing safe and compassionate care for those suffering from addiction while staying firmly placed in the Christian values or having respect for others. Some Christian recovery values may be more in depth and detailed than others but overall, the idea is simple: treat others with respect, help them to heal from their pain and provide them with a foundation for moral support and care that will help them to recover from addiction. Read more about the Christian recovery values here.

What is Christian Recovery?

If you’re looking for information about Christian recovery or you aren’t sure what Christian recovery is yet, this will help. Christian recovery is set upon the idea that individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and who seek help in a faith based environment where the word of God and the Bible are heavily encountered will do better in their recovery efforts. While these methods are not for everyone, for those who have faith in God and who already have been raised Christian, sometimes Christian recovery is absolutely the best choice for treatment and care. Read more about what Christian recovery is here.

Benefits of Christian Recovery

If you’ve just entered a treatment program then you may not see the benefits yet but you will! Christian recovery has a whole world of benefits with the most important being that those who complete a Christian recovery program are less likely to relapse, more likely to succeed at their recovery goals and more apt to have faith and a healed spiritual sense. Additional benefits surrounding Christian recovery include the ability to take part in recovery with others who share in similar values and beliefs and the ability to utilize your faith in God as a spiritual crutch along the way. Read more about the benefits of Christian Recovery here.

Choosing a Christian Recovery Center

You may not know if you should choose inpatient or outpatient care or whether Christian recovery is right for you yet but this will help you make the best decision for your individual needs. Various factors should be considered before choosing a Christian recovery center such as:

• Budget
• Location
• Inpatient or outpatient
• Your own faith (are you Christian, do you believe in God)

Once you have decided you are ready to seek help, consider the amount of money you can afford to pay for treatment, what your own individual treatment needs are and how severe your health is or is not before choosing a Christian recovery center. Read more about choosing a Christian recovery center here.

Choosing a Christian Drug Rehab Center

Much like choosing a Christian recovery center, when choosing a Christian drug rehab center you must consider factors such as your own budget, your treatment needs and your faith before making the final decision. If you do not have faith in God, there is a good chance that Christian recovery is not for you but if you are willing to accept faith in God and you are interested in trying out a Christian drug rehab program, most will accept you. Christian drug rehab centers provide counseling, therapy and various other forms of treatment for those suffering from addiction to drugs. These programs use a faith based approach to treatment to help patients overcome their addictions.

Need free or low-cost treatment? Find free, state funded or low cost treatment options.

Treatment Options